Shtisel Wins Worldwide Audience Acclaim & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Netflix’s ‘Shtisel’ Is Binge-Worthy TV on a Strict Form of Judaism
What makes the Israeli series “Shtisel,” such groundbreaking television is that the characters are the black-hatted, side-curled men and bewigged women of ultra-Orthodox Judaism, a group that is known in Hebrew by the umbrella term Haredim and includes Hasidim. It is an insular subculture that is obscure to most Jews, let alone to Americans of other faiths. While there have been a handful of movies about the group, “Shtisel” is the first television series in America exclusively focused on it.

Netanyahu Calls for Action After Violent Assault on Argentina Chief Rabbi
The violent assault on Argentina’s chief rabbi drew widespread condemnation in Israel, with lawmakers and Jewish leaders demanding that more action be taken to combat rising anti-Semitism worldwide. Monday morning, unknown assailants broke into the Buenos Aires home of Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich and beat him severely. The intruders, who also stole valuables and money from the home, shouted: “We know you are the rabbi of the Jewish community” during the attack.

Diversity and Inclusion: A Tech Story
Israel is a technology super-power. In an 8-million-person country, an unprecedented ecosystem of hi-tech startups, multinational companies and universities have grown at a level that exist only in a few, much larger countries in the world. Yet, substantial sectors in Israel – specifically Arabs and Orthodox Jews – do not take an equal part in this successful phenomenon.

A Kosher Couple in Silver Spring Wanted Chinese — So They Bought a Restaurant
In the summer of 2017, a flier went up on a bulletin board inside the Shalom Kosher grocery store in Silver Spring, Maryland. Chin & Lee, a Chinese restaurant a few storefronts down, was up for sale. One of Ami Schreiber’s friends stuck it on Facebook and tagged Ami, along with a message: “Schreiber, you’ve been talking about this for the better part of two decades.” It was time for him to put up or shut up.

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