People Magazine’s Parent Profiles & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Lakewood Hires Its First-Ever Orthodox Jewish Police Cadet
With an Orthodox Jewish community making up most of Lakewood’s rapidly growing population, the township has hired its first-ever Orthodox police cadet, officials said. “I’m excited about it,” Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles said Thursday. “I think it’s significant for any community to see one of your own patrolling the streets, making sure everyone is safe,” said Coles. “It’s a very positive thing, especially for the young people in town.”

Kosher Sushi Comes to S.F.’s Mid-Market Area
L’Chaim Foods announced that its sushi is now available at The Market, located inside the Twitter building at 1355 Market St, S.F., bringing a kosher option to the Mid-Market area. L’Chaim Foods, which began as L’Chaim Sushi in 2013, was founded by Rabbi Alex Shandrovsky, a Russian-born, San Francisco-raised rabbi who developed a love for sushi before he became religious and started keeping kosher. L’Chaim sushi is now a staple at Jewish events throughout the Bay Area.

Kosher Chili Brings Community Together on Chilly Afternoon
With a chef’s cap perched atop his black, brimmed hat, Dannos Kablammos directed the milling crowd outside Congregation Beth Yeshurun toward steaming pots of kosher chili. “We got it! You want it!” he bellowed. His t-shirt featured a red oven mitt wearing a yarmulke and wielding a wooden spoon. Kablammos was captain of one of the 30 teams competing Sunday in the Houston Kosher Chili Cookoff, a competition that stands out from the numerous cook-offs surrounding the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for its requirement that all food meet Jewish regulations, which include eschewing pork and separating dairy from meat.

Jeremy Corbyn Was Hit by An Egg at a Mosque. This Rabbi Comforted Him.
Jeremy Corbyn was hit with an egg while visiting a London mosque, an incident that brought little sympathy from critics of the embattled British Labour Party leader — but an unlikely assist from an Orthodox Jewish first responder. A 31-year-old man named John Murphy was charged with assault in the episode at the Finsbury Park Mosque on Sunday.

How I Parent: A Stay-at-Home Mom of Two in Kansas
Alexa Cohen is married and a stay-at-home mother to two sons, ages 1 and 2. “I was raised to be a religious Jew. I’m raising my children to be religious Jews and there’s a strong sense of tradition and community that goes along with that.”

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