What we do

Emotional/Relational Health

Navigating one’s way toward a different social community is always challenging. Even if you don’t plan on radically changing your lifestyle, these kinds of transitions are fraught and present unique obstacles.

Project Makom’s support groups are managed by mental health professionals who are knowledgeable about the difficulties faced by those transitioning out of and into differing kinds of frum communities and understand the conflicts that such a transition entails. Project Makom also has the capacity to refer individuals to private counselors if needed.

Support group sessions that have been conducted or are planned include:

  • Conflict resolution with family
  • How to navigate when spouses are on two different religious paths
  • Parenting
  • Relationships

We want to know what topics interest you. Please submit any ideas or requests for support groups and mental health topics.

Judaica classes

Growing up, you might have been taught to approach Judaism in a certain way. Your questions may not have been addressed, or you may not have thought to even ask. Project Makom’s classes offer insight into different areas of of halacha and hashkafa. Please know that hashkafic questions are always legitimate, and that you have a right to seek answers to them.

Past classes have included:

  • The Halachic Process
  • The Existence of God
  • A Rational Approach to Reading Torah
  • Science and Torah

We want to know your questions and what topics for future classes might interest you. Please click the link to anonymously submit any topics or questions.

Career and Higher Education Sessions

You may want to know about getting your GED or going to college, or what career options are open to you. You may want to understand the difference between business dress and casual dress in the general world. You might want to know which universities are available in the NY metro area (many!)

Previous classes have included and will include:

  • Job Searching Today
  • How to Find a Career Suited For Your Personality
  • Finance management
  • What is College Like?
  • How to conduct yourself in the business world

We want to know your questions and what topics you want to know about. Please submit any question or topic anonymously by clicking button below.


So you know you want to change your current community, or you’d like to explore other communities but don’t know how one goes about it?  Here at Makom we have many volunteers who are ready to help in the following ways:

  • Host you in their community for shabbos
  • Learn a Jewish topic with you one on one
  • Tutor you in a secular subject to obtain a GED
  • Help with college applications or resumes
  • Mentor you about being frum in a specific professional field
  • Help you explore different Jewish school in their community
  • Be a friend

To be matched with a volunteer mentor, Go to our SIGN UP page.

If you want to sign up to benefit from the services Project Makom provides, fill out Participant form by clicking button below

Ask the Scholar

If you have questions that haven’t been answered or that you were too afraid to ask, here is your chance. You can ask any question anonymously and receive an answer to whatever contact information you provide. No question is too small, too large, or too controversial.


Project Makom runs monthly events and Shabbatons where individuals can feel a sense of community and inclusion.