What we do

Judaic classes

Growing up, you might have been taught to approach Judaism in a certain way. You may have been taught about an angry and punishing God. Your questions may not have been addressed, or you may not have thought to even ask. Project Makom’s classes offer insight into different areas of of halacha and hashkafa. Please know that hashkafic questions are always legitimate, and that you have a right to seek answers to them.

Past classes have included:

  • The Halachic Process
  • The Existence of God
  • Reward and Punishment
  • Science and Torah

We want to know your questions and what topics for future classes might interest you. Please click the link to anonymously submit any topics or questions.

Career and Higher Education Based Events

You may want to know about getting your GED or going to college, or what career options are open to you. You may want to understand the difference between business dress and casual dress in the general world. You might want to know which universities are available in the NY metro area (many!) You may want to hear how people raised like you were were able to get a great eduction and career while staying observant.

Previous events have included and will include:

  • Job Searching Today
  • How to Find a Career Suited For Your Personality
  • Finance management
  • What is College Like?
  • How to conduct yourself in the business world

We want to know your questions and what topics you want to know about. Please submit any question or topic anonymously by clicking button below.

Shabbos Placement

One of the most powerful pieces of programming we offer are non-judgmental shabbos hosts who give our members unconditional love and model healthy and happy frum life. From these shabbos experiences, our members can begin to envision a Jewish home they might want to build one day.


Shabbatons blend the appeal of our community of members and healthy, happy observant hosts. This is also a chance for members to delve into deeper Torah topics.

Follow Up

Every month, our Program Director checks in with members one on one on the phone or via text message to see how they are doing and if they need any extra support or encouragement.

Ask the Scholar

If you have questions that haven’t been answered or that you were too afraid to ask, here is your chance. You can ask any question anonymously and receive an answer to whatever contact information you provide. No question is too small, too large, or too controversial.

Referrals to Mental Health and Social Services Organizations

Project Makom is not a mental health or social services organization, but we have relationships with many qualified ones. Navigating one’s way toward a different social community is always challenging. Even if you don’t plan on radically changing your lifestyle, these kinds of transitions are fraught and present unique obstacles.

In order to become a member, we are looking for individuals who have a basic stability – including jobs, home, and not currently in a crisis. We believe that it is not appropriate to be involved in religious matters if basic physical and emotional needs are not in place. For individuals who come to us missing these points of stability, we refer them to organizations that can help them get stable.

For our members who have basic stability, but need some extra help with finding a good therapist or dealing with difficulty in marriage, we refer them to qualified professionals.

We want to know what topics interest you. Please submit any ideas or requests for support groups and mental health topics.